Axel’s Dictionary of Made-Up Words

abecedarianally—one who is immersed in learning the basics of literacy or a subject.


adorational—process of adoring  

alopecian—prone to baldness, or landscape barrenness

ambibiased—biased about both sides of an issue

ambidecadent—able to masturbate with either hand 

amitatious—process of achieving  friendly, peaceful relations, as between nations; friendship

amorphous status—state or condition of being unorganized, vague or shapeless

anathemically—prone to being accursed or damned

apneaist—doctor who fixes snoring problems

artharitis—the pronunciation of arthritis by one who lives in certain southern mountainous areas

asparagoosed—one who has had an asparagus spear shoved up his asshole

Aryanosophile—one who loves, likes, or is attracted to a Caucasoid of non-Jewish descent or a pure white race descendant

Aryanosophy—search for wisdom, history and knowledge about the pure white race

assholeish—one who acts stupid, foolish, despicable, etc.

baditude—venomous attitude

blisshood—state of benefit from great joy or happiness

blowee—one who is assailed by a blower of darts

browserhead—A person addicted to browsing the Internet

caffeinatedly—condition caused by ingesting caffeine

carnivalesque—one who has or portrays a festive character or attitude

celebretard—retarded, foolish or stupid celebrity

celebutante—new celebrity making a debut of importance

cigarettemal orgasm—orgasm achieved through the use of smoking a certain type of cigarette

cloneless—state of being a product of a failed cloning

Cokearette—substitute for a real Coca-Cola i.e.: another kind or brand of cola

communasty—communist exhibiting a bad attitude

congenital botheration—inherently caused annoyance or discomfort

curatively—process of restoring health in progress

de-altercated—having reversed or stopped the action of an altercation or fight

debauchedly—act morally astray, corruptly or depravedly

demoncrat—evil democrat

demonitized—one who has been initiated into a demonic society

denizenicity—place of one’s abode

denturaly—one who chews his food with false teeth

disambiguately—act unclearly; indefinitely or vaguely

disgruntability—state of being peevishly discontented, displeased and made sulky 

duderino—tiny ranch hand or little hip guy

dumboranium—chemical element ingested to produce stupidity or moronic behavior

ecocidally—acting in a way to facilitate the destruction of the environment or of ecosystems

eggomaniac—one who frantically lays a multitude of eggs

ejaculatory—speaks for itself

electrifyingly—thrilled as never before

epigenome—most important genome in a complete haploid set of chromosomes of an organism

erudital—constantly showing wide knowledge gained from reading, study

extinctioner—one whose goal or job it is to make certain living flora or fauna become extinct

faunafication—making or creating an animal

faunication—mating by animals

fishetarian—one who only eats fish

florafication-- making or creating an entity that uses photosynthesis to grow


Gilgemeshian—survivor of a horrendous flood

gracile—gracefully slender

harassee—an entity who is continuously harassed

helicoptered—swung into a semi or full circle by aforceful or glancing blow

hubrisiety—practice of having wanton insolence or arrogance resulting from excessive pride or from misplaced passion

Humangutan—sunburned or redheaded person who’s slumped over

Humanzee—human that acts like a chimp or chump

ignoranium—chemical element ingested to produce ignorant behavior

insaneium—chemical element ingested to produce insanity

Kevlate—layer with Kevlar

kyphositate—do the humpback shuffle

leucisticly shaded—having the property of being white, weakly colored, or colorless

lexiconigally vernacular—results of a study of the meanings and origins of words using  the native language of a country

maggotized—any dead animal or being that is being eaten by maggots                              

machismobot—robot with overly assertive or exaggerated masculinity               

mandroid—man who performs tasks in a robot-like manner

mountaineerly—a way of distinguishing something done or endemic to folks who live in the mountains

nept—able to; opposite of inept 

neuropathetic—exhibiting apitifully unsuccessful, ineffective or damaged nervous system

New Yorkeacan—from New York, generally NYC

nipular—one who has overly large nipples

nobrainium—chemical element ingested to produce dumbness or stupidity

nostalgicity—instance or hopeless condition of longing forsomething far away or long ago or from former happy circumstances

nostribate—to pull on one’s nose

obfuscationally—the process of muddling, confusing or bewildering

orgiastic environment—place where orgies are held

originative—prone to make new things come into existence

palatative—continuously pleasant or acceptable to the taste

perfliction—inflicting pain or suffering with precision

pestilentially—act in a manner dangerous to the security and welfare of society; perniciously

piscatorious—any physical objects used while fishing

planetoid—having characteristics of plants

pompousitly—speaking in a pompous way

pretzelized—how a being feels and sometimes looks after being confined in a small space

primadonish—acting temperamentally, vainly or arrogantly

proteinic—any food source consisting mainly of protein

publicatious—one who has his writings frequently published

repugnantcans—despicable republicans

Sadamism—performing any heinous act regularly

schlopped—extremely intoxicated

sexdictive—addicted to having sex

sexfliction—afflicted by an inability to perform sexually

shlub—person dressed in ill-fitting and overly-gaudy clothes

shoperati—obsessive shopper

shoperratic—one who deviates from the accepted normal, conventional, or customary way of shopping  

shoperrazi—any group of two or more that constantly shop together

short shrifted—not be told all the facts and info about aparticular problem, thing or situation

Shrekian—acting like a large, strong, solitude-loving, intimidating ogre

sodomic—one who is prone to engage in sodomy frequently

spermerator—name for a prolific penis

stripper heels—any women’s high-heeled shoes whose spikes are longer than 5”

stupidium—chemical element ingested to produce stupidity

suee—one who is being sued

swazingly—move quickly or dance back and forth, plus to and fro

Talibanization—subject to cruel acts, heinous punishments in the name of the Islamic religion that are unacceptable to democratic societies

tankles—thick ankles

tartlet—prostitute or promiscuous female under 18

thermo-something—a warm or heated object

tranobot—used robot refitted to a different configuration       

transclusion—altering or adding more data to a conclusion

tulipy—flowery; purported to be appealing

verbostic—long-winded or wordy sentence

verbosous—tending to be chronically long-winded or wordy

verblonged—committed to a recovery facility; insane asylum

walkabot—robot capable of motion on legs

writorial—any process or way of writing

yentesize—gossip about somebody, most often done by a woman

yokelism—endemic to unlearned persons: contemptuous of the way they do things or live

zombifie—person who has or was taught to become weird, eccentric or scarily unattractive